14 Ministry Formation

1. Vision

“The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with Christ.” (1 Corinthians 12:12)

The Gospel has an effective power to penetrate every sphere of human life. It transforms not only individuals but also the whole world where they live. Olivet Assembly of Euro-Asia launched stations to connect and network diverse endeavors expressed in various Christian organizations and fellowships.

The areas of different bodies include Adult Mission, Art & Design, Business, Family, Education, Healing, Humanitarian, IT, Justice, Media, Music, Medical, Teen Mission, and Youth. These “many parts” in the body of Christ will fall one of those 14 areas of ministries to form a collaborative and strategic effort to reach different people groups.

Member organizations and fellowship representatives annually gather with agendas and goals with an aim to advance God’s Kingdom and spread the Gospel of Jesus all across the nation and the world.

OA seeks to strengthen platforms in numerous forms to assist, help and unite para-church organizations and fellowships with one vision.

2. How to Become a Member of OA Euro-Asia

Para-Church Organizations and Fellowships can apply to become a member of Olivet Assembly of Euro-Asia. The membership will enable them to enlarge the range of works and cooperation by participation in a shared vision and purpose with other groups of Christians.

If your organization is considering to join in OA Euro-Asia,

  • 1) Send email to office@oliveteurasia.org and request OA application forms.
  • 2) Read and study OA Faith Statement, Vision, and polity to examine if your organization shares values with OA Euro-Asia.
  • 3) Fill all application forms and send them back to office@oliveteurasia.org
  • 4) Your applications will be submitted to OA General Office and reviewed by the board.
  • 5) You will receive a response within two weeks.

3. How to Find Ministries to Serve

If individuals seek to find Christians organizations or Para-church fellowships to participate and join the program, please email to ministries@oliveteurasia.org to request a package which introduces OA members bodies.

4. Ministry Formation Resources

Local Churches can develop 14 areas by establishment of local chapters of different ministries and organizations. If your church desires to support any of those areas in collaboration with OA Para-church organizations or fellowships, Please contact ministries@oliveteurasia.org with your church name, address and specific requests. OA Ministry department will coordinate to help your church connected to OA members bodies.

5. Ministry Internship

OA member organizations offer diverse internship opportunities for individuals to practice their skills and talents for God’s kingdom. If you wish to receive information and news in regards to internship programs offered from OA bodies, please apply for newsletters via ministries@oliveteurasia.org

6. Ministry Events

OA Organizations and Fellowships open a plenty of events throughout the year. If you wish to receive information and news on events that member bodies hold, please request via ministries@oliveteurasia.org

7. Contact Ministry Coordinator

If you have more questions, feel free to email to ministry_coordinator@oliveteurasia.org