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OA Eurasia Minister Took Part in Medical Conference in Seoul

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On 11-13 August 2017, leaders and representatives of the medical ministry of Olivet Assembly from different countries held a conference in Seoul. A representative of OA Eurasia from Ukraine Dr. Maryna Cherniavska took part in this event.

The meeting began with a visit to the St. Luke hospital in Seoul, which was opened last year. The clinic includes a polyclinic department with various specialties, a diagnostic department, a stomatological department, an Eastern medicine clinic and an orthopedic department where minor invasive interventions are conducted. Guests were impressed by the level of provided service, as well as by the faith of people who were able to achieve virtually impossible. Among the areas where Korean doctors also work are volunteer work. Free review and advice of the elderly, appointment of treatment and necessary manipulations if necessary.

During the next two days of the meeting, participants had the opportunity to communicate, share their achievements and challenges, listen to the Word of God, and pray. During the prayer meeting, everyone was able to share their experiences, difficulties, plans for the future and receive support from people who have a common dream and purpose.

On August 13, representatives from South Korea, China, and Ukraine spoke before the participants and presented their vision of the development of St. Luke ministry in the near future. Joseph Lee, head of the St. Luke's Hospital and a representative of St. Luke International Ministry, highlighted three components of the foundation of the ministry: preaching, teaching, healing. According to Matthew 4:23, "And he walked throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all kinds of ailment, and all the infirmities among men." These are the three main directions of the work of medical ministry:

1. Preaching of the Word of God is the main task of all Christians. Spreading of the Word of God through medical ministry is really important in Africa and the Middle East.

2. Training of medical staff that will work in medical missions and clinics. In order to achieve this goal, St. Luke ministry plans to establish a medical school in the future.

3. Healing, the so-called holistic healing (not only the body but also the soul and spirit) is the priority of the St. Luke Ministry. Very often a spiritual problem causes somatic diseases, and if the doctor tries to heal the human body only, no matter how much effort he has made, until a man receives healing for his spirit, everything will be useless.

All participants of the meeting returned to their countries with faith and inspiration to realize their dreams in life.