OTM Int’l Translates Manual into Russian, Supports CIS Teen Mission

11.13 2018 | Ministry Focus

Olivet Teen Mission International has translated their basic starter manual into Russian. This brings great hope for the mission in CIS region, that many teens in the future could be evangelized in these countries.

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Kazakhstan Sunday Welcomes More Local Newcomers
8.06 2018 | Congregation

On August 5, Sunday Service in Almaty Emmanuel Church welcomes four local newcomers. Let's pray for them to become

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All The Churches In The Region Celebrated Christmas
12.27 2017 | Congregation

Leaders of churches in Moscow, Kyiv, Almaty, and Tallinn preached about the meaning of Christmas. All the Christmas retreats took place in the festive atmosphere and presence of the Holy Spirit

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CIS Region Delegation Arrives in Korea to Join Summer Retreat
8.11 2018 | OA

With great expectation to raise more local leaders in CIS region, OA CIS delegation attends OAPC Summer Retreat

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Kyiv Church: Honor Your Father and Mother

September 24 Kyiv Emmanuel Church held last Sunday Service in current month meditating on the fifth commandment. Apostle Paul in his explanation of this commandment underlined promise of blessed and

God Raised Him From the Dead

Peter who denied Jesus three times. Actually, how did he deny Jesus? Was Jesus unknown person? No, He was a celebrity. It means none trusted Peter that time. Peter's saying was by emotion and fear.

Right Way of Prayer

We have many wishes for many things. We pray to God for these things. We have experience that God has answered to us but sometimes no answer from God. Why God no answer for us? It is because there is

Ministry Focus
OTM Int’l Translates Manual into Russian, Supports CIS Teen Mission
11.13 2018 | Ministry

Lent is a 40 day period starting on Ash Wednesday that lasts until Easter Sunday (not counting the six Sundays between those two dates) when believers prepare for Easter through self-denial and repentance, endeavor for personal piousness, and remember the passio and death of Jesus Christ.