OA Eurasia Held a Conference, Raising the Issue of Shepherding

During a daily online conference of Eurasia leaders, OA HQ urged to pastors to care their churches. At the beginning of the conference, P. Aquila delivered a short message from Matthew 22:36, reminding the first and the greatest commandment “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”

The problem is that fallen man loves only himself, this world, money, and anything, but not God! This is the reason for many problems in our life. Where our love is, there will be our focus and attention. If we love this world, then we constantly think about this world and look at this world. If we love God, we will always look at God and become more like God.

In the context of today’s word, HQ OA Eurasia reminded that pastors of churches should put their focus on God and care of their congregation. Pastors should remember that to preach the sermon at the pulpit is just a part of their duties. But the main task is to graze sheep, whom Jesus entrusted to us, to take care of every person in a church. It implies spiritual leadership and communication, prayer for everyone with a sincere heart, and sometimes even fasting. But if a pastor is indifferent to his flock and all his serving is delivering messages on services, then the result will be disappointing.