Kazakhstan Sets Up AM Volunteer

On August 24, 2020, one local Kazakh sister joined Apostolos Mission (AM) International and serves as a volunteer minister in Kazakhstan. She is the first AM minister set up in Commonwealth and Independent States, even in all Russian speaking countries. She will join and serve youth evangelism not only in Kazakhstan, but as she can speak Russian fluently, she can also hold Bible Study to all Russian speaking students in this region, which is from AM HQ’s guidance.

Apotolos Mission is a fellowship of World Olivet Assembly, which focus on youth evangelism in the world. It is God’s grace that He has chosen the sister to serve in AM, opening a new era for Kazakhstan youth mission. This sister had dreamed to become a interpreter of preaching for many years, after she met Kazakhstan Immanuel Church minister in the beginning of this year, she confessed that the daily Bible Studies which church held really opened her eyes, and she desired to serve God’s Kingdom. Below is her reflection of becoming AM volunteer in Kazakhstan.

“I thank God that He gave me this precious position, AM volunteer minister. I felt finally I can do something meaningful in my life. I can’t express my thankful heart after hearing the messages. Bible Studies in our church really changed my mind, my life.”

“As Bible Studies changed me, so I also want to teach many young people, and hope they can know God’s love. May God use me to save many young people, and more people can live together peacefully like in Kingdom of God as God dreamed in the beginning.”