CIS Educational Department Translating Romans Epistles into Different Local Languages

Translation of Message on Romans started in the beginning of this year,  which is from English to Russian language. And Kazakh language translation also started last week, one Member in Kazakhstan Immanuel Church is translating it from Russian to Kazak language now.

Furthermore, after Russian and Kazakh versions are done, it will be very easy to translate to other languages which are used in the CIS Region. There are more than ten countries in or neighbor of the CIS Region use Russian language. And Kazakh language belongs to Turkic language which is also used widely in many Central Asian and Middle East countries. So the message in Russian and Kazakh Version will be very important and meaningful for mission.

May God bless the work of the local translators and use Romans Epistles preciously in the future, to save souls in the CIS Region and in Middle East Region.