CIS Region Held Joint Easter Service Celebrating Resurrection of Jesus

On April 12, CIS region held online joint Easter service with congregations from Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Turkey. This is the third and the last day of this Easter Regional Retreat.

Pastor from Moscow preached the sermon from John 21:15-17 emphasizing attendants to feed the lambs of the Lord.

“Jesus came out from the grave overcoming the death. The resurrection of the Lord brings people new life. Death was transformed to new life, darkness to light, despair to hope, and suffering to glory.

The Cross is not curse and punishment, but it is God’s love towards us. Jesus was killed by human’s sins, he is innocent but he willingly took the cross and gave his life for sinners.

The preacher called all congregations to be encouraged and strengthened in faith, cutting off the chains of sins and getting rid of all bad habits and live a new life! He exhorted everyone to resurrect together with the Lord and with the power of resurrection to feed the lambs of the Lord.

After sermon, a communion was offered to God in remembrance of Lord. In the end, almost all attendants from different places gave a reflection and wished a happy Easter to each other.