Graceful Sunday Service With a Guest Preacher in Moscow

This Sunday Moscow church invited Andrei Belov, a missionary from a local Baptist church and he preached the sermon from Matthew 25:1-13.

The message was about being watchful because we don’t know the exact moment of our Lord’s coming. In the first century, people from the Middle East held wedding ceremonies from evening into the night because of the hot weather. The groom was always late so people who met him should always watch carefully because they don’t know what time he will arrive.

The same also applies to nowadays because God promised that Jesus is coming again and what time he will arrive, we don’t know. So there are many people saying that “I am still young and I have enough time to believe in Jesus Christ” but the Scriptures say that “your life is like a cloud and you don’t know what would happen tomorrow”. If we look at what is happening every day, we can see there are many catastrophes and thousands are losing their lives unexpectedly.

The Bible says that you should remember your Creator while you are still young. And as Christians, we should always check ourselves if we are ready to meet the Lord when he comes again. Sometimes we think we are ready but actually, we are not we need to “be the wise virgins who took oil in jars along with their lamps and live a life of readiness and alertness”.