Kazakhstan Sunday Welcomes More Local Newcomers

On August 5, Sunday Service in Almaty Emmanuel Church welcomes four local newcomers. Let’s pray for them to become the power of youth leaders in Kazakhstan.

The Sunday sermon is Phi.2:1-8, only be filled with God’s love which showed by Jesus, human being can know their purpose of life, and their heart can be satisfied. So that people can be like-minded and bear each other’s burden like Jesus bear ours.

Among the four friends, two are teenagers, and two are twenties, the two teenagers have just received Jesus for several days, and they hope to know Bible more deeply.

Current senior members of church served the newcomers with joyful heart, as they understood one lamb’s back home is more joyful than 99 lambs at home. They prepared Kazakh traditional food for friends afar and the newcomers. Church minister and senior members are already inviting them to join in Bible Studies. Pray that they can be a new powerful wave in Kazakhstan’s mission.