Summer Retreat Is Full of Tearful Testimonies in CIS Region

On August 28-30, 2020, Commonwealth and Independent States held regional Summer Retreat online. Congregations meditated Romans Chapter 5-8. At the last day, they also heard the presentation of Ministries Introduction. And then attendants gave tearful testimonies to conclude the Summer Retreat.

Here are some testimonies from attendants.

“These three days is like miracle for me, it’s amazing that I could join this spiritual feast with profound food. I even appear desire to preach gospel like all preachers at this retreat. Really the message can satisfy our soul. I recognized that how much I should learn patience and persistence on the way of sanctification on the first day. On the second day, I understood I need rebirth through water and spirit, ” one sister shared.

“On the third day, I know I’m on the position to save the world following the guidance of Holy Spirit. I also recalled all memories when God has come to my individually and helped me and comfort me, I can tell that God is really my Father, He is always good to me, He is always my power, no one or no any power can separate His love from me basing on Jesus, ” she added.

“I couldn’t stop my tear when I heard Romans 8. I don’t know how to pray, but Holy Spirit helps me to pray. I also understand I am the son of God because I’m guided by Holy Spirit. I’m so joyful that we have Holy Spirit to comfort me, and guide me,” one Sister living in Turkey shared and she married with Turkish Christian brother, but now she is attending Service and serve in Moscow Immanuel Church.

“Holy Spirit is also God! I can prove that in my personal life, I can not live without Holy Spirit. In my past seven years in Turkey, an unfamiliar foreign country, there are uncountable times I felt I was going to give up, give up my marriage, give up everything here and go back to my own country. But what helped me to stay, that is only because of the accompany of the Holy Spirit everyday. Holy Spirit even helped in very small things like helping to find my lost passport, another time is lost bank card, I can’t tell how much love I received from Holy Spirit. I encouraged everyone here to welcome and communicate Holy Spirit everyday” she concluded.