The Main Focus in CIS Region Before 2020 Pentecost

There is a time for everything in the Lord. Ministers in CIS Region desire to catch up the important time of 2020 Pentecost, in order to revive mission nationally. They set up goals and focus before the Pentecost.

The first focus is to settle down CIS Regional Olivet Center. Ministers in Russia have been searching venue diligently, desiring to dedicate to God a very suitable Center, where many souls can receive equipment spiritually, in knowledge and physically. So the Kingdom of God can expend to every corner of the region through these leaders’ growth.

On the Second, mission development is always important. How much joy in heaven to save one more soul for the Lord it is. So every national leader determines to reach more people, and then gather them for the Pentecost Retreat.

Now Immanuel Church in Russia and Kazakhstan decided to hold joint Pentecost Retreat at the end of May. They are preparing profound spiritual food for this heavenly feast. May it can be a time all congregations can be filled abundantly with the Holy Spirit like the first church received in the Pentecost.